Any employer who wish to engage the services of migrant workers should be registered in the Online XPAT system.

Is the process of registering in the Xpat Online System for the purpose of submitting online applications regarding quota and employment approvals (EA) in order to bring foreign employees to the country? Any Maldivian of age 18 years and above, who is capable of using the (XPAT) can get registered.

Open the XPAT portal, click the “Register” link and fill in the form for registration and “create user”. The personal details must be filled as per the ID card, and the mobile number used as the user name should be registered under the Account Holder’s name.

In order to approve the registration the account holder has to attend Labor and Employment Section of MED in person.

Documents Required for Account Verification:

  • Original, Valid ID card of the Account Holder

Note: If the password of any Online Account is forgotten, it can be reset through the “Forgot Password” link in the log-in box of the Xpat Online home page. Once the Account has been approved, the mobile number and e-mail address linked to the account can only be changed by attending Labor and Employment Section of MED and filling up the required form.

In order to recruit foreign employees on behalf of the clients, the agency should be registered in the XPAT system, after the agency is registered in the Ministry of Economic Development and the permit to operate employment agency is received.
Once the agency is registered, the agency representative will be associated to the agency through the system to represent its clients, and the representative will be able to submit quota and employment approval applications online on the agency’s clients’ behalf.

Documents required to register as an Employment Agency in the XPAT system:

  1. Board of Resolution for agency registration (Notarized Copy to be uploaded)
  2. Agency Address details [Attested copy of Rent Agreement, Building owner ID card copy]
  3. Connected Foreign Agencies Agreement ( Attested )
  4. Color copy of foreign agency permit/license.


Documents required to assign Agency Representatives in the XPAT system:

  1. Board Resolution assigning a representative (Notified Copy)
  1. Job Reference Letter ( If Account Holder is not a Director )

The board resolution should be in the company’s letterhead, with all details typed in, and one of the directors who have signed on the board resolution should attend MED Labor section to submit the board resolution and documents.

Documents to be submitted are:

  • Letter to assign the representative
  • Individual’s and representatives valid ID card and copy

It is not possible for a company to create an online account in the XPAT system. Therefore, in order to register a company through the system, the company’s board of directors has to assign a representative individual to work on behalf of the company. The board resolution should be submitted in order to create a relation through the XPAT system to enable the representative to work on behalf of the company. The representative individual should have a verified XPAT Account. Company directors, employees or other Employment Agencies can be assigned as Company representatives.

Documents Required to Create a Company Relation

  1. Board Resolution
  2. Directors ID valid card & Copy (Minimum 2 Directors /( PP Color Copy Foreigners only )
  3. Job Reference Letter ( If Account Holder is not a Director ) and letter must include pension registration number
  1. Power of Attorney. (In a situation where the directors can’t attend)

 Board Resolution must include Letter head with companies name, address, registration number, phone number along with directors Signature, Name, ID number, Phone number and address. BR should include the company seal.

For foreign companies re-registered in Maldives, a board resolution approved by the board of directors of the company should be submitted. If there is any individual to whom the company has assigned the power of attorney, a letter (in company letterhead) has to be submitted.

Documents needed:

  1. Board Resolution original / letter
  2. Company Registration Certificate (Original & Copy)
  3. Directors’ passport original or attested Color Copy
  4. Foreign Investment Agreement (Original & Copy)
  5. Job Reference Letter (If Representative Account Holder is not a Director )
  6. Power of attorney authorized letter from submitter (Original & Copy)
  7. Submitter’s passport or valid ID card.
  1. Board Resolution (Notified Copy)
  2. Registration Certificate (Copy)
  3. Partnership Agreement
  4. Minimum 2 Partners Valid ID card & Copy.
  1. Letter requesting for relation to be sent through E-gov. (incase relation with government office)
  2. Letter requesting for relation to be sent through e-gov and council member garaaru to be send through E-gov.

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