“Deposit” is the money that has to be deposited for employees under work visa. Deposit must be paid prior to the arrival of employee.

The deposit submitted will be used to send back the employee to his/her respective country, should the responsibility fall on the government

Stated Deposit is used to facilitate to send back the employee if he / she violate the laws & regulations. Deposit money includes the lowest airfare to the homeland of the employee, and other expenses spend.

Security Deposit will only be refunded if;

  1. The Work Visa is cancelled and employer provides the return ticket, or
  2. Change of employer occurs, or
  3. In case of death of the employee / worker

Under any other circumstances, security deposit will not be refunded.

The deposit of the employees deported and send back is non-refundable.

  1. Original of the security deposit payment slip (If paid online, original is not necessary)
  2. For:
    • Individual: Copy of National Identity card
    • Company: Copy of Company Registration certificate
  3. Dead body report (If refunding in case of death of an employee)
  4. Bank account verification document (deposit slip, copy of check, etc.)
  5. Refund Slip (if payment was made online)

The deposit rates are subject to change without any notice. Please check periodically for updates.

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