Human trafficking is a serious crime and a grave violation of human rights and human dignity. The government of Maldives is genuinely committed to combat all forms of human trafficking in Maldives and the Anti- Human Trafficking Act 12/2013 marks as a milestone in the government’s efforts to combatting human trafficking. As per international best practice the legislation includes three main components of criminalization, prevention and rehabilitation of victims; therefore, for the first time the law makes trafficking in persons a criminal offence in the Maldives. The Law also criminalizes forced labour and fraudulent recruitment as acts of human trafficking.

The main objectives of the Anti-Human Trafficking Act include:

  • Preventing trafficking of persons through and across the Maldives
  • Establishing the crimes of trafficking in persons and prescribes the punishments
  • Provide for prosecution of perpetrators of trafficking in persons
  • Providing protection and assistance to victims of human trafficking
  • Promote and protect human rights of trafficked victims
  • Engage in cooperation with local and international NGOs working against human trafficking to combat trafficking in persons.
Download the Anti Human Trafficking Act (PDF, 544.5 KB)

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