What is the procedure to add a site to a login which is already created?
The company must submit Board resolution as per the format in the website, AOA/MOA, Registration Certificate.
If it is a sole proprietorship or an individual a letter as per the format mentioned of the website must be submitted to the Labor & Employment Department.

What is the procedure to get an appointment for account verification?
Once an application reaches verification, the employer must be present during office hours to the Online registration counter with the necessary documents.
How to apply for Quota?

1. Get registered in the X-pat Online System (Xpat) through Online Registration.
2. Employer himself or can appoint a representative to transact on behalf of an Individual or companies.
3. After completing the above formalities quota requested will be submitted to the Xpat.

Note: Quota application will be processed within working 15 days if all the documents are in order (after site inspection)

Difference in applying for temporary quota or permanent quota?
Temporary Quota if given for projects or contracts, However the procedure for applying to both types of quota are same. (needs clarification)

How to cancel Employment approval?
Cancellation for EA should be submitted through “My Online Applications”. EA can be cancelled under the following situations:
1. The employee is unable to come for employment
2. The employee departed from Maldives after employment contract completion or resignation
3. The employee wants to change from Work Visa to Marriage Visa
4. The employee died working in Maldives

Documents to be submitted for EA Cancellation
• Filled application form for EA cancellation
• Marriage certificate color copy (changing from Work Visa to Marriage Visa)
• Color copy of employee’s death certificate (employee died working in Maldives)

How to extend a quota?
In order to extend a Quota the employer has to submit through “My Online Applications” of the XPAT user portal. Quota Extension Form should be submitted with the application.
Note: Additional Documents will be required for different Work Types.
What are the specifics needed to be included in an appointment letter?
The appointment letter must include details of employer, employee, salary, designation, food and accommodation details, passport details, DOB, Signature of employer with the seal (if it is a company)

How many directors consent is required when assigning an individual to creating a relation? (individual relation, company relation, employment agency relation etc.)
Minimum 2 directors.

Where or how deposit payment needs to be paid?
Deposit should be paid once the application reaches Pending payment. The amount of deposit needed to pay will be different for different workers belonging to different countries. The deposit can be paid online and to the 3rd Floor of Huravee Building.
When are does the officers come for site inspection?
After the process of verification, if all the documents are valid then the inspection team will call informing that they will be coming for site inspection

What are the requirements or things necessary to be looked into before the officers come for site inspection?
The inspection team will inspect if the mentioned details in the application relating to site details are legit and that the site is suitable for the applied amount of quota.

What to do once the EA duration is expired?
Once the Employment Approval is expired the employer must apply for an extension with a valid passport copy, passport size picture and the EA extension form.

How much deposit is needed to be paid for a specific worker to enter?
different for different countries.

How many days does it take for get the deposit refund? How to apply for deposit refund?
a) Original of the security deposit payment slip (If paid online, original is not necessary)
Individual: Copy of National Identity card
Company: Copy of Company Registration certificate
b) Dead body report (If refunding in case of death of an employee)
c) Bank account verification document (deposit slip, copy of check, etc.)
d) Refund Slip (if payment was made online)
The deposit rates are subject to change without any notice. Please check periodically for updates.

Is it necessary to provide original of uploaded documents in person? (Or) what are the criteria’s in determining the validity of uploaded documents?
During the Online registration verification, original documents must be submitted to the Online registration counter on the 3rd floor in Huravee Building.

How to bring an expatriate through an agency? Or is it possible to bring an expatriate through an agency? (That can be an attendant. Domestic servant etc.)
Yes, it is possible to bring expatriates such as attendant, domestic servants. In order to do so through an agency, the employer must apply for creating relation before applying to bring the respective worker.

What should be done to change or update any information?
In order to change or update any information a letter stating details must be provided.

Reason for incomplete application?
must refer to the system in order to answer such questions

Can the visa fee be paid till the date the expatriate departs Maldives?
A letter mentioning the date of departure & request to pay the visa fee till that date must be submitted to the Labor department.

How much is the fine for unpaid visa fee?
The fine for unpaid visa fee is MVR 10 per day for 90 days after which it will be MVR 900/-

What is the procedure for changing an employer? (Or) procedure for changing an expatriate from one site to the other?
If an employee working in the Maldives transfers to a new employer, the new employer must submit for EC through “My Online Applications”. Visa fee must be paid 15 days prior to application submission date and EA must be valid in order to change to a new employer. Likewise, to cancel EA the employee should have worked for more than one (1) year in the Maldives.
Documents required for Employer Change
Filled application form (Employer Change)
Employee’s passport Bio data page color copy (valid for more than 01 year)
Passport size digital photo of the employee (white background)
Employment contract between new employer and the employee
Relevant educational/professional certificate(s) of the employee (if changing from non-professional occupation to a professional occupation)
Color copy of Rahvehinge registry of the employer (OR) if the place is rented, then rent agreement (if domestic category)
Employee’s driving license color copy (if applying for a Domestic Driver)
Employer’s vehicle registration color copy (if applying for a Domestic Driver)
Maldives government recognized Medical Certificate issued to the patient (if applying for an Attendant)

What to do in case there is a change in salary mentioned in the EA?
Incase there is a change in salary mentioned in the EA, a letter must be submitted to the 3rd floor in Huravee Building, mentioning details of salary changed and previous salary with a copy of Passport and EA issued.

What to do in case there is a type error in the EA?
Incase there is a type error in the EA, it should be provided to the Labor and Employment section 3rd floor of Huravee building with the EA copy and passport copy in order to make the necessary changes.

What is the resolution necessary while uploading document?
The format of resolution is updated n the website.

What is the procedure for decreasing Quota?
In order to increase/decrease/extend quota the employer must submit Quota modification form to Labor department of MED

What is the procedure in case of change in company shareholder?
(Answers needs to be clarified)

What is the procedure in case of changing company account or login to another individual? (This can be asked when the individual under whom the account is created, terminates his/her employment contract with the company.)
In this case Board Resolution, AOA/MOA, Registration certificate must be submitted to the online registration counter on the 3rd floor of Huravee building.

What is the process of creating a login for an individual in the Xpat system?
Individuals have to register first through the system and for verification they have to come to MED or if the person is residing in an Island have to go to the Island councils where X-pat service provides.
How is the format of business resolution?
a) Board resolution must be written in business entity letterhead. And in the letterhead, there must be a contact number, business entity office address
b) Business Entity registration number
c) Board quorum must sign the document. And must include signatory details (name, Id card number, contact number, email address. If the quorum is less than 3 Directors, then 2 Directors must sign in the document.
d) Business Entity seal
e) Business Entity Secretary name and signature
f) if the relation is given to an agency, must put the agency seal near agency name.
What is the format of business resolution in case of foreign investment?
same format
What are the documents needed to be uploaded while creating a login?
Documents stated in the online registration
Board resolution attested copy
Company registration certificate
ID copy
If giving to an employee, submit work reference letter and state the pension number
Agreement/ Iguraaru/ verification testimony

What is the procedure to be followed if the expatriate (bidheysee meeha) is missing?
Inform missing to Ministry of Economic development

How to apply for employment approval?
Through Xpat system

Is it possible to apply for EA, while there is an overdue visa fee?

Is it necessary to provide workers job experience document in case of non-professional category (such as waiter, mason, carpenter etc.)

What are the categories or professions that can’t be applied for in the Xpat system?
Commercial category
Domestic category
Government category

What is the procedure for attesting employment approval generated from Xpat?
The printed copy EA must be provided to the 3rd floor of Huravee building for attestation.

How many months the passport must have validity for while applying for EA or extending EA?
1 year

What should be the maximum age of a female domestic servant?
minimum 18 year old

Is EA issued if applied for a male domestic servant?
Not as domestic housemaid but as Domestic attendant.

How many domestic servants can be applied for under a single individual?

What are the documents necessary while requesting for an attendant or a nurse? Should the attendant/nurse belong to a specific country?
Not from a specific country
Required documents;
a) Passport data page (colour copy)
b) Passport Size digital colour photo
c) Letter of Employment
d) Medical report of employee (within 45 days from the date of issued)
e) Employee Police Report (in English)
f) Household registry copy/ rental agreement (colour scanned copy)
g) House/apartment floor plan (identify the area allocated for foreign employer to sleep) this document shall be attested by government authority or signed by two witnesses.
h) If living with a joint family, required a letter by the owner of the house stating that the person lives separately
i) The person who needs an attendant, shall provide a letter from government approved healthcare provider prescribing the need for such care.
j) IM 30 form if the employee is coming from a country stated in the form

Is it possible to get EA or Quota even while being blacklisted?

Is it possible to apply for site clearance even if the agreement is expired?

What is the measurement of the photograph, while applying for EA or extending EA etc.?
photo should be taken as according to immigration regulation. Photo size is minimum 200DPI

Mudhaa ufulaa odiyakah quota dhookureytho?

Subcontract agreement ah quota dhookureytho?

Resort akah quota dhookuraa iru, anhen adhi firihen employees ge balance innanvaany kihaa varakah tho (percentage)
As stated by the Tourism Ministry.

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