Any employer who wish to engage the services of migrant workers should be registered on the XPAT Online system.


Employment Approval, EA, is a written statement granting permission for expatriates to work in the Maldives.

Quota is a permit required for Individuals or Companies to employ foreign workers to Maldives for a commercial purpose. 

“Deposit” is the money that has to be deposited for employees under work visa. Deposit must be paid prior to the arrival of employee.

About Us

The Ministry of economic development is tasked with formulation of economic and trade policies, the regulation of trade and investment in the areas other than tourism related investment, and the economic development of the country through regulation and promotion of trade and investment, and to provide labor and employment services to the foreign employees in the Maldives.

Government Pledges

  • Take measures to stop corruption in awarding quotas for expatriate workers and all expatriate matters
  • Minimum Wage
  • Enhancing the capacity of productive youth
  • Training for skill development
  • Economy that values and recognizes the contribution of workers
  • Proud workforce
Ministry of Economic Development
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